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Auto Glass? Now how many times have those 2 words crossed your mind in the last 3 years of your life. Answer?

NOT!!. However surprisingly statistically you will have a broken Auto Glass situation once every 4 years. You say. "I can't believe that rock bouncing off the road was so small, it smacked into my windshield an broke it" or I locked my key's into the car an without a spare, I had to break the small vent glass to get those Damn Keys! 

Once you had to deal with this difficult inconvenience, it would be part of your life till you have it fixed. Auto Glass repair or replacement have 2 economic ramifications. The first is to pay for it out of pocket. The other is you have compressive insurance coverage that will pay for most if not all of the cost of replacement. 

So the first, is I have to pay for all of it out of your pocket. Now 2 things come to mind. 1. HOW MUCH 2. HOW FAST. So you look online for the local Glass Shop and give a call. Your amazed how much it cost, and how long it will take to replace it. Now how can I drive with a clear plastic bag over my door glass for a week? When I was online, I saw that they promised FREE MOBILE SERVICE, that is quick and easy. So why so much and why so long of a wait. 

The other is that I have Comprehensive Insurance coverage and collision that I pay so much for only to find out I have a deductible of 100 to 250 dollars. Some are lucky to live in a State where the insurance company pay's for 100% of the cost. But now....oh boy. I'm afraid of having them pay for it because it will make my insurance payments go up. So, I get the nerve to call my insurance company and report the claim. After they take down all of my personal information, they are making me use a Glass Company that I find will take 2 weeks before I get it fixed even though, I called the local Glass shop that could do repair and replace it tomorrow, but they insisted to use the company they want and wait 2 weeks. So of course I do what they want me to do, because if I don't they will not renew my coverage or they make me feel I have no choice.

Hi my name if Raymond Albrecht. I started off working for the largest Auto Glass company on the East Coast, and fortune 50 company. As a sales executive, I finished off being the Eastern VP of sales. The company then get's bought out by a Wall Street Leverage Buy Out. Fed up with people placed at the top of the food chain, I started Hometown Auto Glass in 1991.

So why am I so important. Because, Auto Glass is on my mind everyday. Imagine knowing such a person to call in helping my through the Repair process, teaching me my rights as a consumer, and getting the best product and service without all the hassles. Yes. Letting me be your Auto Glass Consultant, will save me in every way. Why, not. After all , I have a specialist in other aspects in my life. CPA's, Lawyers...etc. Why not have a person like Ray to help me with this inconvenience.


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Car Mirrors

The US market has been invaded by inferior Asian product made on Aluminum Oxide. Our Car Mirrors are made by US First Surface Chromium. You will see the difference in our YouTube Videos 

Classic Vintage Car Mirrors

We have an Incredible supply of mirror that were manufactured while the car was in production and also was a OEM company that we were fortunate to Acquire.

Fireplace Tempered and Wood Stove Glass Replacement

Big difference in the type of glass. If you have a fireplace Bi-Fold doors and one of them exploded. WE have the replacement for you.
Wood Stove glass is made by US Corning Manufacture. I can stand up to 1400 degrees before thermal breakdown. 

 Watch a Few of our DYI video's

Knowledge is Power

Remove and Replace your broken car mirror the Correct Way

The Simple Repair of Self "Auto Dimming" Car Mirrors

What is the difference between Wood Stove Glass vs Fireplace Glass

Fixing a Windshield Molding without it looking like a mess

Fix Broken Mirror Glass

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Welcome. If you need glass, auto glass, or simply have a question then you have come to the right place. From the convenience of your own home, you can inquire about our products and services with glass shops in your area. We are a growing network of auto glass and glass installation Centers located from coast to coast. Many of our dealers offer a wide range of services. So, if you would like to inquire about a glass product, then click on the service your need. Ask the question as we do often give free advice and are happy to do so. Remember there is no obligation.

We do not hide who we are as our support team has over 75 years of experience, and are ready to take your phone call. Please do not feel that any question is foreign to us. If you need a special project done on your vehicle, we are here to help. Our attitude is no job is too small as we build long-lasting relationships. You will not get forwarded to a representative from Overseas Operators. We are a US base, manufacture and sell USA product an proudly display the AMERICAN FLAG on every page we sell or service. Here is our contact information, as you will be surprised by our answering machine as we do not start with "Listen closely as our that our menus have changed", only to annoy and struggle to get a HUMAN on the phone. So don't be afraid to give us a call. 845-496-2500.

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We have classic car glass

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